Name: Peter W. Smith

Professional Qualifications

Fellow, UK Institution of Chemical
Engineers, F. I. Chem. E.
Chartered Engineer C. Eng.
Chartered Scientist C. Sci.

Registered Prof. Eng., P. Eng.
(British Columbia, Canada)

Dual Nationality: UK/Canadian

Peter W. Smith “PWS” leads the work of PWS Technology Ltd.

He has an international record in business and technical development, technology transfer, proposals, contract negotiations, process innovation and project management including development and marketing technology from ©Concept to Commercialization. Technical and Business Development assignments and projects have been completed for a wide range of private sector and government clients in Canada, UK, USA, Norway,
Egypt, Sweden, Italy, USA, Australia.

PWS has a range of experienced associates and affiliations with international organizations to provide solutions to technical and commercial development assignments.

Previous experience was gained with major companies including
Director, Technical and Business Development, Suncor Oil Sands Group, Alberta;
Canada, Sales Manager, Kvaerner Engineering A/S, Norway;
Abu Qir gas project in Egypt for consortium of Kvaerner, NorConsult, Uniconsult ( Egypt, Lebanon, Syria);
Consultant, Norwegian Government Team up-righting the capsized semi-submersible drilling rig “Alexander L.Kjelland”;
Managing Director, Inbucon Moody International project management for clients in Iran, Italy, Nigeria, Libya, Norway;
Bechtel International, Canada, UK projects in Belgium and Australia, project engineer oilsands and gas plants in Canada. Copper mining and upgrading project in Mauretania;
Dow Chemical of Canada – Process engineer, ethylene, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite;
Woodall-Duckham UK – Technology Licensing, Chlorine and Petrochemical, Japan, Pakistan;
BP – Distillation specialist, oil refinery operations , crude distillation, catalytic reformers;
AB Vin & Sprit development of Low/No alcohol wine process and commercial plant in Stockholm;
US Dept of Energy/Selentec Extraction of plutonium;
LM Ericsson Sweden - Diversification into control systems foroil and gas industry, project development Qatar.